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If you are interested in joining in on the fun, friendship and laughter, please contact the BSP Ottawa City Council by email to:

  • Why are we sisters?
  • We love being surrounded by positive, loving women who laugh easily, share well with others, and aren’t afraid to eat dessert.
  • We love learning something new as often as we can because we know this keeps us young, and makes us better at all we do.
  • We love taking chances in our lives as long as we have the loving support of our sisters so we know we have a built in cheering section and if we falter, they’ll lift us back up.
  • We love helping others and we know when there are more of us, we can help even more people. We help people we’ll never know and those who are near to us as well.
  • We want to help those who want to go to college do so, whether it’s a sister or a child of sisters.
  • We love to travel, and traveling with a group of sisters, then being surrounded by sisters, to share fun and food and learning for say three days, is an energizing experience. If we can’t do this with hundreds of sisters, a small trip with just our close sisters near or far is just as good.
  • We need strong shoulders and soft hands when we are faced with trouble, a death, an illness, a loss of a job or of any kind is easier to take with our sisters to support us. Did I mention casseroles? They’ll feed us when we need them.
  • We love to share our joys, weddings, births, grandchildren, graduation, if you can think of it, we can celebrate it and if you need us to, we can probably cater it.
  • But most of all, we need the love our sisters give us. They’ll tell us the truth, gently. They’ll convince us we are stronger than we believe we are. They will support us in our endeavors like dieting, but won’t judge us when we need to have that truffle. They are the people we love as though they were family, even though they aren’t. We are more than we could be with them, and we are lonely without them. They are our sisters.

Along with in person “land” chapters we also have a local online chapter available!

For more information, please visit the BSP International site…

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