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New Member at Large Program Option

As previously announced by the 1st Vice President, a new program has been introduced by BSP International allowing any member who has Member at Large time to make up any of those months by completing one program report per month of Member at Large time. There is no time requirement on how long it must take to earn those months – it’s up to you how quickly you might wish to do this. You can only make up as many months as you’ve had in Member at Large status. It takes 12 programs to make up one year.

The details, as announced in the 2013 Sep-Oct Torch magazine are available at


Xi Chi’s Santa Letters available for Christmas 2013

Once again, Xi Chi is offering the opportunity for a child to receive a physical letter from Santa.

Have a personalized letter from Santa sent to a child and watch their eyes twinkle as they read a note that proves Santa really has been watching all year!

Keep the yearly tradition going or start a new one this year.
Order today for “just in time” delivery to the young and the young at heart.

The form is available at

Highlights from Oct/13 BSP City Council meeting

The Minutes of the October meeting were emailed to the mailing list, and posted on the website for members only. The highlights are below.

1st VP
VP’s please keep Shelagh updated as to what’s happening with prospective members, transferees and progressees
Members at large – please provide Shelagh with contact information for these ladies
Online chapters: No land chapter? Not able to go to a meeting? Why not try joining the on line chapter? You earn time for progression, attendance, have socials, all the regular stuff you do in a land chapter, even socials and programs!!
Next Meetup is at the Emerald Buffet (33 Selkirk St/Montreal Rd) Sunday Nov 24, at 12 pm and another one is being planned in the new year
National Womens’ Show: March 29 & 30, 2014, at The Ottawa Convention Centre downtown. Sheila Brown has offered us free space at her booth to display BSP, Shelagh is looking for visual programs for this and other events; members are to contact her if they can loan an idea or would be willing to present
Second Membership meeting is Nov 21st, 7:30 pm at Sheila Brown’s
Heather Murphy’s chapter is merging to Alpha Master, so we now have another charter available

2nd VP:
Responses about chapter entertaining list will be coming out soon. There are some chapters that haven’t sent in their answers to the questions that were sent out in March. Please, if you haven’t done this, send in your responses ASAP so that the list can be sent out.
PR still looking for volunteers
Twitter account is set up
We would like to get the word out about BSP. We also welcome your personal stories, why you joined and this will be posted online

The budget is now being voted on in November due to the following motions:
Notice of motion for amendment to the budget: that $35 be allocated for our rep to attend the Local Council of Women Annual General meeting dinner. – needs a per member vote
Notice of motion: to donate $100 to the Calgary Red Cross Flood Relief Fund. – needs a per member vote

MS Party: We had a nice private donation and thanked the chapters also for donating
The Well: Located at Lisgar and Somerset. Donations of any kind would be greatly appreciated as their major sponsors have backed out. You can email for ideas for donations
Christmas CC meeting: Tables available for sales – So far there are 3 tables requested. If your chapter wishes to reserve a table, please contact Marilyn O’Neill The silent auction is still on. Again please contact Marilyn for this.

Local Council of Women:
If chapters want Entertainment Books please contact Carol Dunn by Oct.12 in order for them to be delivered for the Nov CC meeting.
– The next LCOW meeting is Tuesday, Oct 15 at 7pm at Overbrook Community Centre (off St. Laurent)

Historian/By Laws/Phone Book:
– Phone books will be on sale at the Nov/Dec CC meeting for $4.50
– MAL section: Wendy is willing to do this, she will indicate the name of the chapter these ladies were last with


Fall Event: Be creative with your masks, add some bling to it, wear a costume too!!
– There will be prizes. If you can donate a prize, please let XAL know before the next CC meeting.
– There is a desperate need for a photographer too.
– If you need transportation, see the flyer for more details or contact for more details.
– Ticket cut off date is the Nov CC meeting. The cost per ticket is $32. It is an afternoon event on Sunday, November 17th, from 12pm -4pm

A Richmond Chapter is having a fashion show (Real Wool Boutique). Tickets are $20 for adults and children $10. There’s a bake sale, door prizes and tea. This is on Nov 2 at St. Phillips Roman Catholic Church, 127 Burke, Richmond Ont.

Pantry Plus Inventory: This was a huge success last year, lots of fun too! This is taking place on Feb2. See the flyer for more details

FUDGE SALE!! Tara is once again selling her delicious fudge, the gourmet ones and candy cane bark. The order forms will come out soon on the website. They’ll be ready for pick up at the Dec. CC meeting.

The meeting was closed at 8:50 pm followed by light refreshments and cookies.

Fall Event (Sun Nov 17th) Update

Ticket cost set at $32.00
E-poster on the Website with menu and directions
Chapter Invites sent out and have been received by chapters.
Poster and directions were  in each chapter’s folder at Oct CC meeting.
1) Be inventive, be creative.  Come in costume or add some fun to an outfit and don’t forget the mask.  Mask contest to be judged by Sister’s.
2) Email your chapters numbers to ensure that you will have tickets. (limited tickets, venue max # is 96 comfortably 104 tight)
Currently 60+ tickets have been requested or payed for, don’t miss out on the Fun!
3) Last day for Tickets and payment is the Nov City Council meeting (Nov 7th)
4) If you need transportation please email with your name, chapter and location, by Oct 31.
All names will be sent out to the membership for volunteers, it is up to the volunteers to get in touch with those sisters requiring rides.
5) XAL is looking for donations for door prizes etc… if you have something you wish to donate please email to let us know and bring it to the Nov City Council meeting for collection.
Thank you to all, and we hope to see many of you at the Fall Event.