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BSP City Council meeting reminders – Dec 5th/13

  • This is our Christmas meeting, with over 10 tables filled with baking and other wonderful articles for purchase as well as our silent auction.
  • Everyone is welcome – come do your Christmas shopping and enjoy wonderful friendship with fellow sisters.
  • If you know of a sorority sister who needs a card sent, please give her name and information to Marilyn O’Neill.
  • Patti wishes to tell all sisters that we will have City Council charms on sale at this meeting. Good for chapter execs or secret sister gifts.
  • The MS Christmas party is Sunday, December 1st, at Lakeside Gardens at 12:30pm.
  • Please remember there is no January City Council meeting, but we will be back on Thursday, February 6th, 2014.

BSP City Council Nov/13 meeting summary

  • Beta Sigma Phi will have a booth at the Ottawa Spring National Women’s Show on March 29th & 30th. We are looking for volunteers to help in the booth.
  • Budget passed
  • Tables available for chapters selling at Dec CC meeting and social
  • Phone books distributed
  • Laureate Alpha Omicron will have a raffle, selling tickets at the Dec CC Meeting.
  • Fudge is back!! Please submit your orders to Tara Hamilton so she can have your orders ready at the Dec CC Meeting
  • The next City Council Meeting / Christmas Social is Dec 5. The meeting will start at 730 pm, view tables 7pm, setup 6:30pm.
  • The website has been updated, our new member information includes the wording from the website. Like the International website, our main page has two sections, one for prospective members, and the other for existing members. Our BSP Ottawa website, like the International one, was originally designed for the use of our members, so most of it is devoted to current and historical information. The new / prospective member information is now available “up front” on both the main page and the first page seen on this blog.
  • New Chapter Friendly Venture Proposal – This would be a “blended” online and land chapter, based in Ottawa, for mature women. This would be a regular chapter of Ottawa City Council, with dues paid to CC
    – Online aspect would allow those who can’t get to meetings to participate in a chapter, earning time towards progression
    – With the aging population, and the growth of computer use, it is expected some members may wish to transfer to this chapter in the future, without giving up membership in Ottawa BSP, when they can no longer go out to meetings
    – Officers could be any of the members
    – Meetings could be held one evening per month and one daytime per month (could be a weekend) so there would be meeting times available for those who need either
    – Members would benefit from the flexibility of an online connection, with the added benefit of local City Council functions, including rituals in person

85th Anniversary International Convention Aug 4-7, 2016

The International Office is very excited about hosting a convention on our 85th Anniversary.  Dates will be August 4 – August 7, 2016!  The convention will be at the Westin Crown Center Hotel, in Kansas City, Missouri.  Based on preliminary numbers the hotel rooms will be $119.00 per night.  Each hotel room will accommodate up to 4 people.  Since most of our cost is based on the number of hotel rooms being used we need for you to fill out the form below as completely as possible.  If roommates change you can call the office and change later.  We will be sharing more details as they are finalized.

In order to plan and provide sisters with an amazing experience we need to have members reserve their spot.  A $100.00 (for member) and a $100.00 (Non-member Guest) non-refundable deposit (For our Registration Only!) will be required by February 2, 2015 to assure your attendance.

This may be paid in full or any multiple of $20.00 USD. (ie. $20.00, $40.00, $60.00 etc.)

Further information from our International office:


Fudge Sale

It’s Fudge Time Again!

Just in time for Christmas!!

 How do I get it?

By Email: Pre-order you fudge by contacting Tara Hamilton at by November 26th. Please include your Name and Chapter.

In Person: Place your orders with Tara at the November City Council Meeting on Thursday, November 7th.

Your fudge will be ready for payment and pickup at the City Council Christmas Meeting, Thursday, December 5th.

Traditional Flavours: Chocolate, Vanilla & Chocolate Mint $5 each

Gourmet Flavours: Cookies N’ Cream, S’more, & Toffee Bits $3 each

They make great gifts for Secret Sisters, friends and neighbours.

City Council Special! !

White Candy Cane Bark $2 a Bag, get it while you can!

Any Questions? Please contact Tara Hamilton at

Payment in Cash or Cheques made out to Tara Hamilton.

Your payment is required to pick up the fudge order at the December City Council Meeting. Extra Fudge and Fudge orders not picked up will be available for purchase at the December City Council Meeting!!

Part of the proceeds from Fudge Sales at City Council Night will go to the Food Bank, in support of XAL’s Ways and Means.

BSPCC City Council meeting messages for Nov 7th meeting

The November City Council meeting will be held on Thursday, November 7th, at 7:30 pm, at Resurrection of Our Lord Church, 1940 Saunderson Dr, near Smyth Road. 

  • Final meeting to submit your dues to City Council, one cheque per chapter, please, made out to “Beta Sigma Phi”
  • Final meeting to bring in your monies to purchase Fall Event tickets for the Nov 17th luncheon at the Nepean Sailing Club (members’ event)
  • Reminder to chapters to bring in forms to reserve your chapter’s table for the Christmas/December 5th City Council meeting
  • If your chapter is going to volunteer to do inventory for Pantry Plus register now
  • We need your chapter numbers for the Christmas C.C meeting in by Nov 20 as well if your chapter will be donating a prize for the Silent Auction
  • If you wish to volunteer to come to the MS Christmas Party which is Dec 1st, let Debbie Cameron-Jones know at the Nov CC meeting
  • Still looking for volunteers for the PR Committee
  • Reminder that there are three Per Member Votes on the Budget to take place at this meeting – please bring your chapter’s numbers
  • Any prospective members’ names please submit to for contacting before Christmas
  • Any articles for Carol Dunn please bring
  • This is the last meeting to distribute tickets if your chapter is having a draw, raffle or any Christmas articles for sale, please bring to meeting to show items, if possible