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2014 Officer’s Planning Calendar now available

The latest issue of our magazine, The Torch of Beta Sigma Phi, is now available, and it includes the 2014 Officer’s Planning Calendar¬†– please share with your chapter officers.

As a reminder, all Presidents, Vice-Presidents and City Council reps should be subscribed to the mailing list. We also recommend Recording Secretaries be added, so they’ll have the info for the minutes. Some chapters add all their members, so everyone gets the information at the same time. ūüôā

To add someone to the mailing list, please send a message to: and include your chapter name.


BSP City Council AGM results

The AGM was held on May 15th, and the two notices of motion were approved:  The dues for 2014-15 will be $14 per chapter member ($7 for affiliate chapter members), and the MS Christmas party will continue to be a service project.

The new executive officers for 2014-15 are:
President – Sheila Brown
1st Vice President – Julie Kerslake
2nd Vice President – Emem Idiong
Recording Secretary – Debbie Cameron Jones
Corresponding Secretary – Jennifer Hand-Perry
Treasurer – Patti Floysvik

Email¬†All Executive Members –¬†

Reminders for May BSP City Council Meeting / AGM, Thu May 15, 7:30pm

The AGM Meeting will be held May 15, 2014, at 7:30pm at Resurrection of Our Lord Church.
  1. Chapters are reminded to submit their chapter History reports for Wendy Russell, please keep a copy for your own records. The forms are at the bottom right of the following page on our website:
  2. There are two notices of motions on the floor, one for the increase in dues and one for the MS Christmas Party. Please be reminded that each chapter has two votes.
  3. If you have not already done so please bring in a copy of your new chapter executive roster, two copies please.
  4. Also any corrections to the telephone directory.
  5. We will also have our election of officers at this meeting. If you are interested in running for City Council, please contact either Amanda Brewster, Sheila Brown or Emem Idiong. (Email, and it will go to Sheila.)
Also remember this meeting is open to all members of the chapters, please tell your members so they can come, we will be having  a social gathering after the meeting.