Message from International

From Laura Ross Wingfield today:

Today at noon, International will send our staff home and start home quarantine. We will have a skeleton staff that will come into the office once a week and handle essential items that can keep us working. We will only do business through email as we don’t have access to our phones at our homes.

Please alert your sisters that we will be working from our homes and using email only. You should use on line payment systems if at all possible and you can order and pay for gifts on line, they will process those and mail once per week so there will be some delay, so plan ahead. We are doing this with the utmost caution to make sure all of our staff are protected as much as possible and still do our work for you. I always do my email from home when I am home even in evenings and weekends so for me, it’s par for the course but others will probably have a touch of a learning curve.

Please take all cautions you can and be safe. We don’t want to lose anyone.