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Alpha Upsilon Master Chapter

Beta Sigma Phi
Ottawa, Canada

Members 2010

Your Kind of Friendship

It takes more than caring to be a good friend;
The nature of friendship requires a blend
Of warmest compassion and love deep and true
To reach and to comfort the way that you do.
That's why I'm so grateful because I can see
That your kind of friendship is priceless to me.

We are a "west end" chapter of 15 members, who have been together for more than 45 years! Three of our members have been recognized with the Golden Circle. More to come.

Our working experiences inclulde retired teachers, nurses, legal assistants, public service gals, a customs officer, a contruction executive, a pilot's wife, a British war bride, real estate salesand a dedicated church activist. Such a wealth to draw upon!

Our programs cover a range of topics and ensure everyone has a voice.

We support all City Council functions.

A social group we are - whether we're including spouses or entertaining another chapter.

We all recognize and appreciate the special sisters that we are.

Webmaster S.C. Brown