Pam Chapatis

On September 28th of this year (2005), Laureate Beta members and so many other Sorority Sisters were shocked to learn of the death of one of our own – Pam Chapatis. Pam was one of many who have been struck by cancer. From the onset of her symptoms in August to her death about four weeks later, the shock and the swiftness of this disease sent us all reeling. As her sisters in Laureate Beta chapter were preparing to rally around and assist her through her treatments and time of trial, we learned that she had indeed succumbed – a fact that we still find difficult to take in.

Many will remember Pam as a tall, beautiful, full-of-life and talented woman who loved to laugh and get involved in her many interests and activities. Over the years Pam was a dedicated and very active member of Beta Sigma Phi. Most notable perhaps was the way in which she and Wayne Jarvis organized our Sorority Convention here in Ottawa. It was a huge success – well attended and appreciated. This was due in large part to their tireless effort, organizational skills and ability to delegate. We in Laureate Beta Chapter will remember her with fondness and are grateful for her time with us. Many thanks for the cards and notes of condolence sent to us from other chapters. They were much appreciated.

Respectfully submitted by: Kathleen O’Shea, President

Loving and kind in all her ways,
Upright and just, to the end of her days;
Sincere and true in her heart and mind.
Beautiful memories she left behind.

Rest in Peace

SC Alder