Ahh memories to start the new sorority year…

I was exchanging emails with a new member and it made me remember one of the most memorable program/events in my Beta Sigma Phi career:

It was a March meeting and I was President of my chapter. I had a full agenda that I was anxious to get through – a lot of decisions had to be made and we also had to have elections. When I arrived at the hostess’s house, there was an envelope on the door. Inside were instructions to begin a scavenger hunt. At first, I was a little upset – we had so much to cover! But when the rest of the chapter showed up, I was able to get into the spirit of things and had one of the best times of my life! A great memory to start the new sorority year!

It’s oooovvveeerrr!

Well, my reign as second Vice President of Ottawa City Council, Beta Sigma Phi has come to an end. I truly enjoyed my work pairing chapters together, and marvelling at the wonderful experiences that were shared. Ottawa sisters are truly creative and innovative.

Like a beautifully arranged bouquet of flowers, you bloom in the company of others. You are as enjoyable as a 50s sock hop and as well-travelled as any explorer. Behind a glittering mask of dignity, with a roll of the dice, you are full of fun and mischief.

I have met so many wonderful people this year, and have also been privy to many a great memory shared. To all of my sisters in Ottawa, thank you for your sisterhood. You truly make everyone feel like they’re among friends.



Just an update to let you know that the News section has changed to Stories. It was more appropriate. Speaking of which, check out the story that was added just this morning!

Still looking for stories…

At the February City Council meeting, the Candy questions were all about Rush events. Some members shared their stories with the membership, but I was too enthralled to be able to write them down! Hopefully I’ll get some input from the chapters soon.



Happy Holidays!

What a great Christmas meeting last night!

I imagine everyone there was remembering one amazing Christmas that they had in chapter. Wouldn’t it be nice to share these with members, or with others who might read them and want to become members?

My Christmas wish is that those ideas are shared with me so that I can then share them with the membership!

Please see the news and programs section for new information.

Welcome to Ottawa Beta Sigma Phi Gems

The purpose of this part of our website is to share interesting stories and ideas among the membership of Ottawa.

It was inspired by the idea that I have been collecting information since 1996 and wanted it to serve a purpose. To that end, I am asking members to submit pictures and stories about their chapter entertaining experiences, programs, conventions, service projects… anything that might inspire others or give them ideas if they are out of them. For example:

There might never have been a program about the health benefits of lemons if there hadn’t been a program on garlic, and one of my sisters would never have the courage to share stories about her uncle’s experience in the war if there hadn’t been a program about Lawrence Gowan.

I have started the site off by sharing experiences of Preceptor Alpha Theta’s chapter entertaining. I hope to have more soon, so stay tuned!